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8 Reasons You Need Argan Oil in Your Wellness and Self Care Routine

You can use argan to hydrate your skin and hair, improve acne, minimize stretch marks and signs of aging, and even your complexion. In fact, it can take the place of many conventional beauty products. Learn More about our Argan Oil Collection Today. Free Shipping on orders over $50 USD. Sign up for our Newsletter for Discounts

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Episode 206 featuring Rebecca Rueth from Rebecca Rueth Designs

This episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Rueth founder of Rebecca Rueth Designs. For the past 18 years, her focus has been working as a Surface Designer in the Fashion, Accessory, and Interior Design Industries. Rebecca has a lot to teach creatives about opening themselves up, networking and advocating for themselves, their children and members of their community. Tune in to our podcast, Finding Your Realm, to learn more about Rebecca's amazing journey

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In early 2020, Shay chose family, health, & happiness over a high six-figure job. She had no business plan or any plan, for that matter, on what she should do next. What Shay had was a nagging thought – call it intuition – that now, more than ever, is the time for her to do what she wants. Shay quit the corporate world for good & even if she instantaneously felt a rush of relief sweep through her body, fear also quickly set in. Shay loves teaching & technology; she is writing her final research paper to earn her Doctor of Education in Learning Technologies degree from Pepperdine University. Even if she’s managed classroom & training programs at different capacities before, she’s...

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Meet Audrey Gerber, Founder of The Spotless Girl on Episode 205

This week we got the honor and the pleasure of speaking with Audrey Gerber. Audrey is based in Canada and is on a mission to help women overcome PMS. In this episode she walks us through her personal trials and tribulations as well as her championing PMS and painful periods naturally. Let more more about her in our blog and tune in to our podcast, Finding your Realm, for more. Here are a few words from Audrey herself. Tell us your story... When I was 13 I was put on the pill, with no explanation of what was happening to my body. I became depressed, gained weight, and felt like crap in my body. When I learned about some of...

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