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Why you should develop a Self-Care routine

Self-care can mean luxurious bubble baths, expensive oils or elixirs, sultry bath bombs, CBD gummies, taking mental health days, or luxe vacations. These are a few examples of self-care that might seem like out of reach concept for many of us who can't just call off of work, place our friends and familial responsibilities to the side and pour into our own whim. Practicing self-care seems like a lush and plush concept for the rich and famous, but even with simple inexpensive practice, it is a privilege that we can all enjoy. 

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Self-Care: 365 days of the Year

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you. Here is a year's worth of self-care routines and ideas to start your practice.  YEARLY ROUTINES   Our yearly rituals usually encompass big ideas like running a marathon or setting grand intentions for the New Year. These routines are powerful. We kick off the year with intension and drive. Sometimes we falter on finishing those dreams and pick up where we left off at a later time. Self-care is a focus and practice that we should never start and shelve. Self-care just like our yearly goals can be achieved and should be prioritized for your long-term health. SOME YEARLY ROUTINE IDEAS: New Year Resolutions – This...

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