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Episode 207 featuring Rachel Letham - Finding your Realm

Rachel Lethan Coaching

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Letham. Rachel is a positive mindset and self-care coach that teaches tools that are proven to improve your life and create the support structures for your success. As always we discussed self-care, but in this episode we dug deeply into the topic of RESILIENCE. After 13 years of a successful corporate career Rachel has a lot to share about finding balance, developing your skills and how to create the space and grace for you to succeed. If you are feeling like you need a post-covid boost or new tools to get back out there, this is the episode that you have been waiting for. Learn More about Rachel's Journey in our latest blog post. 

Tell us about yourself (background/bio)


I am a success coach working with successful yet stuck women and corporate teams.  I share my tools and techniques in one to one sessions to help my clients achieve growth whilst leading more fulfilling lives. Having had a very successful 13 year career in senior position in the produce industry, I have experience in growing business and managing operational success. 


I helps clients build a positive mindset for success, gaining clarity in their direction and purpose in their business or career. Writing regularly to my network on the power of self care in supporting day to day life and launching the Self Care Survival Kit Deck of Cards to help bring self care to the masses.  My first book, Self Care for the Seasons launched November 16th 2020. An ebook with a supporting workbook, this is the self care book you’ve been waiting for


I share strategies for self care and positive mindset so my clients can achieve goals and grow their business in a calm and nourishing way so they’re not burnt out doing it  - It’s all about feeling good, feeling calm but achieving results and reaching goals


When did you start coaching?


I started coaching in 2018 part time whilst still working part time in my corporate career, in 2020 I went full time as well as becoming a new mum. 


When did you start your mindset journey?


This was probably around 2012.. it’s hard to put a date on it.  I’d been working far too hard in my day job, frying my mind in full on corporate life and travelling around the world sourcing and marketing fruit. I had little time for myself and my wellbeing and it was actually a car accident that made me stop and evaluate my life a little bit to understand more about what I truly needed to be living my best life. 


How can people start the ‘doing you’ process? 


Take some time to sit with yourself, no technology, no agenda, just you, your favourite drink and a notebook.  Ask yourself what do you need right now… don’t worry about being selfish, this is you, in this moment and what you need.  Think about the pillars of wellbeing.  What do you need in a physical sense?  What do you need to improve your mental wellbeing, your emotional state and your spiritual state.  Take time to ask yourself questions - it won’t all come at once but the simple act of awareness and being in the present moment will allow you to open up to this process.  

Write down what comes up for you and think about what do you want to bring into your life more, and what do you need to let go off


How’s motherhood treating you?

It’s wonderful, I have a gorgeous, fun 17 month old boy who makes me smile every day.  It’s not easy, it’s a challenge and it wasn’t really a job I thought I would want to be doing as I was always super career driven but actually I love being a mum and I love seeing him change and develop every day.  We have so much fun together and now I have created a good balance of work, motherhood, self care and family time so I feel like (at the moment) it’s all good! 


How do you define resilience and what tips can you offer?


Resilience is typically defined as the capacity to recover from difficult life events.

It’s all about building up a toolkit to help you deal with big and little life stressors and be able to continually move forward without becoming affected by the drama and detail 


Understanding how you typically respond to stress and adversity is the first step toward learning more adaptive strategies. Taking time to understand what has happened, what worked in the situation, using reflection and awareness 


Become self aware… take some time to tap into your own strengths and weaknesses to understand how you can boost your strengths to help you in any situation and zap those weaknesses so that they don’t affect you so much (I run a great workshop on this so if you need more help just get in contact with me!)


Increasing your optimism can also really help.  People who are more optimistic tend to feel more in control of their outcomes. To build optimism, focus on what you can do when faced with a challenge, and identify positive, problem-solving steps that you can take. Do you tend to expect the best possible outcome or fear the worst? How about gratitude journaling to boost your mindset - write down three things you are happy and grateful for and why.  Another great tip is building a “compliments file”, save, note down or collate every time someone says, or writes about something good that you have done, says ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’.  Build that compliments file so that on a tough day or in a difficult moment you can look back into it and boost your confidence that you can achieve your goals, you can get through a difficult time and it will give you the strength to keep going 


For more information ask me about the cultivate resilience workshop that I run

Where can we find you? Where can we purchase your book?

You can find me mostly on instagram @rachelletham and at www.rachelletham.com and www.rachellethamcoaching.com if you want to find out more about my group coaching mastermind

Self-Care for the Seasons - Rachel Letham
I also have a self care shop that I have carefully curated at www.selfcaresurvivalkit.co.uk You can purchase my book there or at www.selfcarefortheseasons.com

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