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Finding you Realm - Tune in to Episode 201 with Megan Nufer, Founder of Mayven

Finding you Realm - Episode 201 with Megan Nufer, Founder of Mayven. Mayven was founded to allow consumers to easily locate brands which have shared missions.Mayven gives people a place to shop for products which have a positive impact on our society and planet. We also drum up brand awareness for companies/founders that have a hard time securing VC.  To Learn More about Mayven click on the link below: 

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Why you should develop a Self-Care routine

Self-care can mean luxurious bubble baths, expensive oils or elixirs, sultry bath bombs, CBD gummies, taking mental health days, or luxe vacations. These are a few examples of self-care that might seem like out of reach concept for many of us who can't just call off of work, place our friends and familial responsibilities to the side and pour into our own whim. Practicing self-care seems like a lush and plush concept for the rich and famous, but even with simple inexpensive practice, it is a privilege that we can all enjoy. 

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