Meet Audrey Gerber, Founder of The Spotless Girl on Episode 205 - Realm Concept Market

Meet Audrey Gerber, Founder of The Spotless Girl on Episode 205

Audrey Gerber, Founder of The Spotless Girl

This week we got the honor and the pleasure of speaking with Audrey Gerber. Audrey is based in Canada and is on a mission to help women overcome PMS. In this episode she walks us through her personal trials and tribulations as well as her championing PMS and painful periods naturally. Let more more about her in our blog and tune in to our podcast, Finding your Realm, for more. Here are a few words from Audrey herself.

Tell us your story...
When I was 13 I was put on the pill, with no explanation of what was happening to my body. I became depressed, gained weight, and felt like crap in my body. When I learned about some of the side effects of the pill, I quickly came off of it, but I still had no idea what was happening in my body. My depression went away, sure. But the PMS symptoms came back, and persistently. Exhaustion, mood swings, insomnia... you name it. 

I thought I had to do like all the other women in the world and suffer in silence!

But when I learned that PMS was caused by hormonal imbalance, everything changed for me! I went from studying international communication to health coaching and specialized in feminine hormones because of the drastic change this information brought to me. Within one month, my entire life was changed. I felt energized, happy, radiant! And I was finally able to create a life I wanted. So I decided I would pass the knowledge to other women and help them balance their hormones as well. 
What you are doing now?
Right now I'm helping women that are struggling with PMS and period issues to balance their hormones naturally and holistically. I do that through coaching and educating. 
What is your self-care practice?
I do cyclical self-care - depending on the phase of my cycle I'm in! So one week I will focus on intentions, dreaming, and planning. Another week I will connect and reach out, another week I will focus on myself and do more introverted things. It all depends on the needs of my body, soul, and spirit in this particular week. I keep in mind that change is good - and adapt my self-care to the changes I am experiencing. 
What do you want people to know about their health?
So much! I believe the most important thing for women to realize is that their biology is synched to their cycle. Within that cycle, their brain structure will change by 20% (which is a lot). That change means they are different within one month, and therefore require different lifestyle practices in different weeks. Not every day is the same. 
The hormones at play within this cycle are crucial! They are your fifth vital sign - and determine the quality of your health for the rest of your life. Understanding these hormones and how to balance them is key in truly reclaiming your health and femininity. 
How can you be reached?
The best way to reach out to me is to book a free consultation! Let me know what is your story and I will guide you to the best resource I have! 
You can also find me in my Facebook group with some tips and reflections that may help you moving forward. 
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