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Four Science-Backed Ways To Cope With Election Anxiety

Avoid dwelling on the worst case scenario

Tip: Meditation and distraction are a couple of actionable ways you can stop the rumination cycle


Have a voting plan

Millions of Americans have already cast their ballot, maybe you have too.

Tip: You can also engage in other purposeful activities, like volunteering your time to a political party. Research suggests that volunteering can combat stress and even help you live longer. 


Have an Election Day plan, too

Tip: Tomorrow will be stressful. Take some time aware from waiting the count and engage with friends, family and your community. For example, make plans to catch up virtually or safely with a friend or family member. “Research shows that people who have at least one or two friends or family members to turn to for emotional support during stressful times tend to cope better than people who don’t have such support,” according to the APA.


Control your media consumption

Tip: Take news breaks. I know it will be hard but do it for your mental health. Studies have shown that just watching news coverage of a traumatic event can trigger acute stress symptoms.

Happy Election Day! Take care of yourselves and let us know if any of that tips helped. Email us at or leave a comment below.


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