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Finding Your Realm - Episode 202 with Brittany Canaski, Founder of Hello Velocity

Brittany Canaski, Founder of Hello Velocity

In this weeks episode we get the pleasure of speaking with Brittany Canaski, Founder of Hello Velocity.

Brittany is the founder of Hello Velocity where she helps ambitious millennials get unstuck now to avoid the midlife crisis later. As a former corporate worker-bee turned recovering perfectionist, she gets it. She recently came out of her own quarter-life crisis where she woke up one day realizing she wasn't excited by her perfect-on-paper life. Now she supports her clients' unique getting unstuck journeys through coaching, workshops, and online challenges.


When she isn't building her business, you can find her doing yoga, learning something new (Spanish and piano!), or cuddling with her cat and dog at home.


Self-care routine:

  • I always spend the first two hours of the day solely for me: usually it includes some combination of working out, meditating, reading, journaling, and planning my day in my planner. It allows me to start my day by first listening to my body, fueling my mind and soul. I'm then able to focus on what's most important that day, stay aligned to my values, and balance coming from my head and heart (my default is only coming from my head)

  • Self-care to me also means continuing to check in with myself throughout the day on what my body, mind, and soul need - instead of succumbing to those automatic patterns of working nonstop or checking out

Key takeaways:

  • Self-care to me is really about self-love - how you talk to yourself, how you care for your body, and how you treat yourself

  • What's most important with self-care is finding what it means to YOU. Don't just take a bath and call it self-care if you hate water. Find those activities that are special to you, that fill your cup and bring you more energy than before you did it.

  • Be careful not to weaponize your self-care list. This is a big reminder for my fellow perfectionists out there. If it feels like a chore, something you HAVE to do, or something that has to be "just right," it's not self-care. Self-care is empowered when you are grateful for choosing to do it, and knowing that you GET to do it. 

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