Happy International Women's Month - "Providing healing, promoting hope" - Realm Concept Market

Happy International Women's Month - "Providing healing, promoting hope"

This year the theme for International Women’s Month is, “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.”

It is both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.

Women as healers harken back to ancient times. Healing is the personal experience of transcending suffering and transforming it to wholeness. The gift of hope spreads light to the lives of others and reflects a belief in the unlimited possibilities of this and future generations. Together, healing and hope are essential fuels for our dreams and our recovery.

This year we are kicking off this wonderful month with the return of our podcast, Finding your Realm, where we will be exploring what it means to practice radical self-love with a new guest. Each week will explore new topics with incredible people who not only promote hope, they create it.

Tune in and Subscribe to our first episodes and many to come! We are publishing a new episode every week on Friday’s with an IG Live where you a can as our guest questions.

Tune to our podcast. Available on all platforms.



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