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8 Reasons You Need Argan Oil in Your Wellness and Self Care Routine

Argan Oil From Morocco

Argan Oil is a healthy and natural beauty product that can be used for your hair, skin, nails, and more. Argan oil has many benefits such as being rich in vitamin E and antioxidants which can make your skin glow! Argan oil is also hypoallergenic so it does not irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin.

In this blog post, you will learn about 8 reasons why Argan Oil should be included in every Wellness routine!
While it can be easy to treat argan oil as a miracle worker (because let's face it, in some cases, it really is), it shouldn't be used as the primary remedy for conditions of serious hair loss—in cases like these, it's best to visit your doctor.


What to Look For in an Argan Oil Product

Argan oil is lauded for being a haircare wonder, but how can you tell if you've landed a quality one? Looking at the color, scent, and potency will help you identify real versus fake, quality versus refined.

  • Color: Authentic argan oil should be a golden yellow hue. If it's too pale, it's likely that it's either been mixed with other oils or has been filtered (which won't do much for your hair). Its texture should also be smooth, not watery.
  • Scent: While hand-pressed argan oil will have some differentiators when it comes to smell, pure argan oil will almost always have a nutty scent.
  • Potency: To reap the full benefits, use argan oil in its purest form (meaning, the product is labeled as being 100% argan oil). When it comes to using the oil in shampoos, conditioners, and other hair styling products, always opt for products that contain no more than 30% argan oil as it can cause buildup.

Argan Oil for skin

Here are the benefits that you get in every drop of our Argan Oil Collection:

1. Nighttime Moisturizer - Argan oil absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue. After cleansing your skin with an all-natural cleanser, pour a single drop into your palm to warm. Apply in a circular motion to your face and neck.
In the winter months, or in dryer climates, you may need a second drop but remember to use sparingly. This oil is gentle and safe to use around your eyes.
2. Skin Toner - Skin toning is an important step in your skincare routine and argan oil acts as an all-natural skin toner. It works to fight acne, age spots, and sun damage — leaving you with a more even skin tone.
3. Exfoliant - Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving you a younger, fresher complexion. With the aid of brown sugar, argan’s nutrients are more readily absorbed into your skin.
4. Acne Remedy - Great news for anyone who is suffering from acne — organic argan oil has been proven to reduce sebum levels in individuals with oily skin. Women who have never had acne before are finding that in their 30s and 40s this pesky condition arises, and it is often difficult to treat.
5. Stretch Mark Remedy - Argan oil can help get rid of stretch marks by improving the elasticity of the skin. Research highlights that it improves skin elasticity and hydration.
6. Razor Bumps and Burn Treatment - Razor bumps and razor burn are uncomfortable and unsightly. Argan oil is an effective treatment to soothe the skin after shaving, both for men after shaving their beards and for women after shaving their legs.
7. Whole-Body Moisturizer - You can also use argan oil as your whole-body moisturizer. Hopefully, you are already using an all-natural moisturizer (like coconut oil) on your body and avoiding the harsh hidden chemicals that are found in most lotions and moisturizers.
8. Leave-In Conditioner - Argan oil helps to tame frizz and flyaways and protect against the heat of hairdryers, curlers, and flat irons, all the while promoting body and a healthy shine.

Argan Oil for the bathe

You can use argan to hydrate your skin and hair, improve acne, minimize stretch marks and signs of aging, and even your complexion. In fact, it can take the place of many conventional beauty products. Learn More about our Argan Oil Collection Today

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