Gardenia Beauty Argan Oil
Gardenia Beauty Argan Oil

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Gardenia Beauty Argan Oil

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The heavenly notes of the Gardenia Beauty Argan Oil will charm anyone into wanting a little more. Here a few benefits our most sensual aroma:

✔ Alleviates Mood
✔ Aphrodisiac
✔ Antibacterial/Antioxidant
✔ May Help with Depression and Anxiety


100% Pure Argan Oil is a head to toe solution for :

✔ Fine Lines
✔ Wrinkles
✔ Dry Skin and Scalp
✔ Elasticity in Skin
✔ Thickening of Hair

If you want to know more…

Renowned for its youth-preserving benefits and powerful simplicity, Realm’s bestselling 100% Pure Argan Oil is nature's anti-aging, skin-smoothing superfood for the skin, hair, and nails. Like a nourishing shield that protects the body from skin-aging free radicals and environmental damage, this 100 percent organic liquid gold oil is clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin smoothness and hydration.

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