Bourbon Vanilla Argan Oil
Bourbon Vanilla Argan Oil

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Bourbon Vanilla Argan Oil

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Why Bourbon Vanilla?

The body in our Bourbon Vanilla lends itself to be the light, but an indulgent vanilla essential oil. 

Aged like a fine bourbon these airy and rich vanilla scents are soothing and enveloping. Please do not confuse this vanilla essential oil for your common vanilla extract, the depth in the scent is enveloping and trans-formative. 

Here a few benefits our Argan + Bourbon Vanilla Oil -

✔ Tranquilizing
✔ Relaxing
✔ Aphrodisiac
✔ Soothes Inflammation
✔ May Help with Depression and Anxiety


100% Pure Argan Oil is a head to toe solution for :

✔ Fine Lines
✔ Wrinkles
✔ Dry Skin and Scalp
✔ Elasticity in Skin
✔ Thickening of Hair

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