Bourbon Vanilla Argan Oil

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Bourbon Vanilla Argan Oil

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Why Bourbon Vanilla?

The body in our Bourbon Vanilla lends itself to be light but enriched scent.  Aged like a fine bourbon this airy and rich vanilla scents are a soothing as a cozy evening at home. Please do not confuse this vanilla essential oil for your common vanilla extract, the depth in the scent is enveloping and trans-formative. Here a few benefits our our enveloping scent -

✔ Tranquilizing
✔ Relaxing
✔ Aphrodisiac
✔ Soothes Inflammation
✔ May Help with Depression and Anxiety


100% Pure Argan Oil is a head to toe solution for :

✔ Fine Lines
✔ Wrinkles
✔ Dry Skin and Scalp
✔ Elasticity in Skin
✔ Thickening of Hair