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Why you should develop a Self-Care routine - Realm Concept Market

Why you should develop a Self-Care routine

Why you should develop

a Self-Care routine

Self-Care is:

    • Enjoyable and Full of Love 
    • A necessity - required for self-preservation & not a privilege. YOU Deserve it!
    • Beneficial to the self and Nourishing to the soul

Self-care can mean luxurious bubble baths, expensive oils or elixirs, sultry bath bombs, taking mental health days, or luxe vacations. These are a few examples of self-care that might seem like out of reach concept for many of us who can't just call off of work, place our friends and familial responsibilities to the side and pour into our own whim. Practicing self-care seems like a lush and plush concept for the rich and famous, but even with simple inexpensive practice, it is a privilege that we can all engage in. 

Self-care is not selfish, it's a privilege that we all deserve.

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Self-Care is a matter of self-preservation.

Self-care shows yourself that you care about you. It's a powerful message that you share with yourself. It can keep you grounded, healthy, and make you happy. 

So how do you practice self-care if you can’t afford that trip to the Maldives?

Here are a few SELF-CARE ROUTINE basics:


Self-care should not be a chore, it should be enjoyable and energizing.

(Remember, you are honoring yourself my love.)

Ask yourself:

    • “What resets me?”
    • “What negative thoughts and habits are holding me back?”
    • “How can I make the most of my mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends?”
    • “What inspires me?”
    • “What makes me feel like the best me?”
    • “What makes me feel whole?”
    • “What makes me feel balanced and energized?”
    • “What makes me feel happy?”
    • “What drains me?

Keep in mind that you should pick things that inspire and appeal to your needs

This might seem like common sense but often people add things to their self-care plan that they don’t enjoy. I certainly have. I once laid on hot stones for an hour agonizing with the discomfort. I left the salon uncomfortable and hefty bill to add to my pain.

Another example, adding cardio workouts (like walking on the elliptical) to your self-care plan when you hate the elliptical isn’t helpful if you aren’t actually going to do it. A better alternative might be walking the dog or following along to your favorite fitness dance video or a Zoom dance class.

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Getting enough sleep, physical activities that you enjoy, and a healthy balanced diet are all key components of self-care. Make sure that you have core components of a healthy lifestyle and self-care routine. Even brushing your teeth, laying in bed a few extra minutes, or taking a longer shower are forms of self-care. These choices quite literary are all designed to take care of yourself.


Taking a long ride in a car? Did you arrive early for a doctor's appointment? Have a few minutes between your client calls? 

Plan for and use found spare time to practice self-care.

You might use this time to:

  • Catch up on reading
  • Send a text to a loved one telling them how much you appreciate them
  • Send a text or email to check-in with someone you have been meaning to get in touch with
  • Meditate
  • Walk or practice some yoga 
  • Go outside and socially distance in nature


Before I wrap up, keep in mind that your self-care practices can help you immensely by keeping you grounded and connected to the present. 

You are more likely to feel more refreshed and happy after self-care if you are fully present for it. Meaning, focus on what you’re doing and leave your running to-do list at the door.


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