More Realm, Less Waste

The ritual of using oils, soaps and serums for your glow up are essential for your self-care routine. However, the challenge of what to do with the vials and pots after you've uses them can be stressful and wasteful. You have the option of tossing or try to repurpose it or if you are like us you might blend in something else or refill them with another item. Either way we need to help you declutter, and keep a clear space for the other important things in your life.

Refill was been a dream of ours within our sustainability mission from the start of our company. Refill seeks to close the gap in the waste in the lifespan of our oils, butters and serums. By all means, if you want to use our bottles or packaging for any other reason, we say go for it! However, our packaging is designed to have multiple uses and lives. On average most people are layering 3 oils or moisturizers on their skin on any given day. In other words, your counter can get some space back and you can refill your Realm goodies through Refill.

To start the process, visit our REFILL listing.

To participate in the Realm refill program, you simply need to have purchased any of our Argan Oil Collection, Beldi Soap Collection or Hair Serum Collection from us directly or from one of our wholesale partners. In short, you will be trading in your bottle, pot or dropper., cleaned and ready to be filled for another customer, and you will be sent a completely new goodie, filled with any scent of your choice at a more affordable cost. Why pay for the container twice, love? Yes, this means you can stick to the same scent you previously ordered, or try a new staple or seasonal scent from our collection.


Before packing your bottle, pot or dropper please ensure it meets the following quality checkpoints:

1.) All Contents Removed

2.) Label Cleaned from Base (no residue or sticky remnants)

3.) Interior Clean (Rinsed in hot water)

4.) No cracks or chips in/on container


1.) Cleaned your bottles/pots/droppers

2.) Box

3.) Packing Materials

4.) Tape

5.) Printer (to print label)

If you saved the packaging your goods arrived in initially, please reuse it! If not, please use any box you have on hand. We don’t care if it’s new or used, just a standard shipping box, ideally at or under 8 x 8 x 8 inches. Use standard packing tape to seal the box and to adhere the printed label to the exterior of the box. 


To securely pack you containers l you’ll want to use 3 strips of packing tape. The first strip you’ll place at the base and sides of the box, creating a nest for the candle to sit within. Feel free to wrap the item in paper, bubble wrap or reusable packing materials to secure the safe arrival of your container. Use two more strips of take to close the box and secure the container(s).


Prior to returning your Realm oil, soap or serum you’ll need to purchase the REFILL listing. Upon doing so, our staff will send you a return label within 1-2 business days. You’ll simply need to print the label we send to you and tape it to the outside of the box. Be sure the email you use when checking out for the REFILL listing is the one you purchased your item with!


Your label will be generated through USPS, which means you can either 1.) Drop it off at the closest facility (no waiting in line, just drop it with the cashier and leave) or 2.) Schedule A Pick Up. Because USPS has daily routes to all locations, they offer a free pick up service for their customers. All you need to do is let them know you have a package, where it will be and schedule for them to collect it. This can be done by visiting the Schedule A Pick Up link. When you schedule a pick up, ensure the box is placed in the noted location on the date you schedule the pick up for.


Thank you for committing to sustainable living with us!