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We Now Accept Cryptocurrency Payments


We are now accepting CryptoAccepting cryptocurrency payments has been an issue for many businesses. With the advent of Bitcoin, the issue is no more.

For a business to accept crypto payments, they need to have a wallet and an address where they can receive their cryptocurrency. Once they have that, it is easy for them to integrate the payment system into their e-commerce store and start accepting crypto payments. from their customers.

As we planned 2022 we wanted to add benefits to our store that allowed anyone to reach us from where they are or how they wanted to. With that said, accepting payments in secure cryptocurrencies was something that we wanted to accomplish and offer at checkout with a safe and secure partner. After a few months of research we are finally able to do this.

We are excited to announce that Coinbase will be our cryptocurrency partner in accepting Altcoins. Our research has shown them to be a safe and secure partner for you and for us. As a small business we are so excited to see how this new opportunity will open doors for our customers. Feel free to checkout on Realm Concept Market with Bitcoin, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and USDC!

In an effort to give our customers as many payment options as possible and to keep pace with the latest technologies we are pleased to announce that we now accept crypto currency as payment at Realm conceptmarket.com

More specifically, we are now set up to take crypto payments for all products on our site in the following currencies:

  • BTC: Bitcoin

  • BCH: Bitcoin Cash

  • ETH: Ethereum

  • LTC: Litecoin

  • DGE: Dogecoin

  • DAI

  • USDC

How to pay with crypto currencies:

  1. Add items to your shopping cart

  2. Select checkout

  3. Select shipping option

  4. Select coinbase commerce (coinbase account required)
    We are now accepting cryptocurrencies

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