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We Stand.

A Note from Our Perspective:

Once again, another black life is taken. George Floyd of Minneapolis was the latest victim of police brutality. Murdered on camera, for the whole world to see. We at Realm stand with all those victimized, traumatized or paralyzed by police brutality. We also stand by those conditioned to fear being next due to the frequency of these events.

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor are the most recent names on what feels like an endless list of black men and women killed solely because of the color of their skin. A list that seems too long to bare this past week as we saw uprisings in 26 cities across the United States, signaling a demand for change.

People are in the streets protesting and literally fighting for the lives stolen at the hands of systematic, covert, and overt racism. In these trying times, we pray that you and your loved ones are safe; physically, and mentally. We pray for ways to address the trauma and pain we collectively experience as a community. The mistreatment and killing of our people are televised, shared, and viral, but we’ve only recently seemed to be getting heard. We pray that more allies rise to the occasion. We pray that these outcries are the beginning of the end of the racism at the core of our communities and address the glaring problem that needs fixing.

In the days moving forward, we must hold ourselves, our allies, our communities, and governments accountable. We must demand that justice be meted out equally to all - especially when involving civilians and law enforcement. The struggle isn’t new so the outrage shouldn’t be a surprise, but we pray it becomes a catalyst for change. We will only fully heal when racism dies and justice is served.

Here are a few resources to push the conversation forward:

1. Guide to Allyship 

2. Donate Minnesota Freedom Fund 

3. The 5 D's of Intervention  

4. Women of Color for Progress Guide to Becoming an Ally 

Sending you love, a big virtual hug, and light,



"A time comes when silence is betrayal."- Martin Luther King

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