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Self-Care: 365 days of the Year

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you. Here is a year's worth of self-care routines and ideas to start your practice. 



Our yearly rituals usually encompass big ideas like running a marathon or setting grand intentions for the New Year. These routines are powerful. We kick off the year with intension and drive. Sometimes we falter on finishing those dreams and pick up where we left off at a later time. Self-care is a focus and practice that we should never start and shelve. Self-care just like our yearly goals can be achieved and should be prioritized for your long-term health.


  • New Year Resolutions – This year I set a few resolutions about my mindset. 
  • Yearly Mantra – Every year set a mantra or theme for yourself to help guide your decisions. For example, for 2020 my Mantra is, “I'm worth it'. When I hit a milestone or check off on a goal I go back to my mantra and honor myself with positive affirmations. 
  • Self Reflecting Vacation – Plan a trip for just yourself or for a small group of loved ones ( it can be a day or a week - the amount of time is not the most important part here) where you can nurture your relationship with yourself and examine your goals. 
  • Planned time of service – if you can (and are in the mental space to do so) schedule time where you give your time to others. Helping others can do wonders for inspiring and rejuvenating the heart and mind. This can also fit into your monthly and weekly routines if it’s possible for your schedule.


How are your yearly goals going? Are you living by your yearly mantra? 

Monthly routines are a great time to check-in with yourself and see how things are going. 

Assess where you are and where you will be. Examine where there is an imbalance in your life? How can you better balance this month? 


    • Sign-up for a class
    • Dedicate a weekend to a project that you've been putting off
    • Assign yourself a book of the month to dive into
    • Check-in with your yearly goals and assign yourself “homework” to help you work towards them
    • Schedule time to help re-balance yourself (whether it the facial that you've put off, a bath with that fancy soap your bought, a weekend getaway or day trip)


Weekly routines can help you set a positive tone for the week and help you stay on track with goals.

What can you do weekly to help better improve your life?


    • Review your finances
    • Check-in with your Monthly Goals and assign yourself “homework” to help you work towards them
    • Meal-plan / Meal-Prep
    • Tidy your home


Self-care is vital daily because it helps set the tone for the day and keep stick to your weekly intentions. Ask yourself when you can fit in time for yourself during the day and plan for self-care. 

Small things like flossing and brushing your teeth count as self-care and should be planned for.


  • Enjoy your coffee/breakfast (be mindful during your first meal of the day to set a tone of presence throughout the day)
  • Set your daily intentions
  • Draft your meals for the day (to help guide you and keep you on track)
  • Journal or write in your Gratitude Notebook - Do a heartfelt braindump (to help gather your thoughts)
  • Enjoyable 15-30 minute physical activity (emphasis on the enjoyable)
  • Journal
  • Set a bedtime
  • Set a bedtime for your phone. No late-night IG Creeping.
  • Read a good boo for 15 minutes (or longer)
  • Listen to a podcast. 
  • Enjoy a long Shower

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