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Please read the information below before confirming for the Essence Fest Weekend Mini-Pop Up Shop.



July 5 - 7
Locations TBD

New Orleans, LA



There are no booths! RCM Staff will drop off your inventory and we'll transform the venue into a retail pop up shop with a central checkout - creating a curated boutique experience your shoppers have come to love.

Owners do NOT have to be at the Pop Up Shop! Our team will merchandise, style, and work the entirety of the Pop Up Shop.

RCM will drop off its own inventory at an agreed time and location.

RCM will pick up any remaining inventory after the end of the Pop Up Shop: Sunday, July 7th at latest.


For those willing to receive our inventory, please provide your business address before Monday, July 1st to the following email address:





All products will be listed with our Square inventory system with pricing. RCM is willing to supply the business owners with a simple inventory spreadsheet - a valuable resource at the checkout.



To participate in the following Pop Up Shop, owners agree to an 80/20 split of total sales.

All owners will receive a check for their final earnings along with a simple sales summary of items sold issued during the hours of operations. 

Sales tax will be collected and paid by us for all the items sold.



We will be using all of our social media outlets (Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Website, and Facebook) to feature vendors. Each vendor will receive a media kit that we encourage you to use on social media.

We will publish the event on online and print posters and do social media advertising.



We will do everything within our power to prevent theft of products and displays, but we cannot guarantee that items will not go missing or get broken. Although inventory lists are supplied by store owners, we try our best to verify that the numbers, descriptions, and/or prices match the physical inventory dropped off. Our team will make every effort to prevent any incidents. As we will accept responsibility if theft or damage does occur during the hours of the Pop-Up.

Vendor Agreement
What dates can we setup our Pop-Up?
How would you prefer that we send our inventory?