Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush
Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush
Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush
Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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Mini Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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  • ENHANCED SKIN-CARE: Silicone cleansing brush is soft to the touch and features 3 textures, each for cleansing, massaging, and for hard-to-reach contact points respectively
  • 3 MODES: At the press of a button, switch between three modes of vibrations. Modes include soft vibration, strong vibration, and interval vibration that increases and decreases in intensity over time. Comes with charging adapter.
  • ANGULAR DESIGN: The silicone brush is shaped as a leaf to allow for easier contact on difficult-to-reach spots on the face. Glide across areas on the chin, nose, and upper lip area with ease using the soft edge.
  • SILICONE-SAFE: Surface material is made of 100% silicone for a safe and non-irritable application to the skin. Everyone's skin is different, and that's why our product is designed to be delicate for even sensitive skin.
  • GIFT CHOICE & OUR PROMISE: It's an ideal gift for mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, makeup artist, etc. on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversaries or other occasions.

Product Introduction
This cleansing silicone facial brush is designed specifically for women's,and it will give our skin a natural healthy luster,and repair to be smooth and youthful. When it is used its round silicone points touch and go deep into the skin to clean the excess oil secreted by skin glands and residual cosmetics. It is used to clean face and to massage after cleaning.

Operation introduction
●Upon the first press of the ON power button, the low speed will be on.
●After the second press it turns to be the high speed.
●The third press will lead the massage mode to turn on and switches alternately between high and low speed.
●The forth press, it is off.

Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Power Source: wireless rechargeable
Model Number: Electric Face Brush
Type: face cleanser massager
Function: reduce skin oil out, peeling, remove blackhead & acne& wrinkle
Working principle: Sonic Vibration to take dirts in pore away
Power Recharge Feature: USB Charging
Vibration Frequency: 6000 Time Per Minutes
Speed Adjustment: 6 speed frequency adjustment
Waterproof: IPX7
Skin Scrubber Massager: Skin Care Spa Beauty Tools
Function1: Promote the absorption of skin care products
Function2: Blackhead Remove
Function3: Wrinkle Remove
Features: Silicone Cleansing Vibration Massage Brush
Face Washing Brush: Facial Clean,Vibration Massage