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Realm Concept Market Beldi Soap Beldi Soft African Black Soap with Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Beldi Soft African Black Soap with Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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Our Beldi Soap collection is inspired by the pampering traditional treatments performed at Moroccan hammam baths, this luxurious soap turns bathing into a spa-like ritual.

Realm Concept Eucalyptus Beldi Soft African Soap is the perfect way to turn your everyday, run-of-the-mill bath into a spa-like experience. Made with ingredients like olive oil and eucalyptus essential oils, you can finally erase that feeling of dry skin on your face or body when it leaves. Make Realm Concept soap part of turning nighttime routines tired and dry skin worry-free!
This decadent eucalyptus soap is balanced for all skin types. It can be used to clean your face as well as body skin, so you'll be moisturizing yourself twice while cleansing! The eucalyptus gives it a lovely scent without overwhelming you, just in case the lavender stings your allergies. This product will draw out any impurities and acne-causing bacteria from around your pores, leaving them clear of problems with or without help from other products.
With regular use, this product will hydrate and soften your skin like nobody's business. Its gel-like consistency makes it glide right off of itself when lathered up liberally into a lathery mess that leaves no residue behind on anything but what was once dirt trapped in the pores.