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Realm 3D Face Lift Roller
How to use a 3D face Roller
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How to use a 3D Lift Face Roller
Dimensions of a 3D Lift Face Roller

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3D Lift Face Roller

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3D Lift Face Roller

The 3D Lift Face Roller is the result of exceptional attention to detail, achieving not only an ideal fit and balance of applied pressure but comfort and beauty effectiveness.

This Tool is a self-massaging facial device 

It's great for sculpting natural facial contours and rejuvenating skin

The 3D Face Roller works to provide a deep kneading movement to your natural facial contours, which helps to increase skin firmness. This facial tool fits along your natural contours and bone structure and will help increase circulation while massaging and soothing tense muscles. 

Power Source: Non - Electric
Material: Other
Type: 1xMassager
Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
Size: 13.2*4.5*2.8cm
Model Number: PBE_0687