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Beldi Soft African Black Soap with Lavender Essential Oil

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Treat Your Skin to a Luxurious Cleansing with Our Realm Concept Lavender Beldi Soft African Soap

This decadent soap is well-balanced for all skin types and can be used for cleansing both your face and body skin. Plus, you'll be soaking up the benefits of lavender essential oils that are soothing, calming, and helps to give you a smooth complexion by drawing impurities out of the pores!

Gleam in the water, there's Realm Concept Lavender Beldi Soft African Soap. The perfect blend of olive oil and natural rose flower essential oils is a must for your morning shower--not only does it leave you smelling good all day but you'll be glowing from inside out too!

Ease back into mother nature with this hand-crafted soap made from three simple ingredients: pure eucalyptus oil saponified Olive Oil and Vitamin E to cleanse and soften your skin. This soap promises to never leave any trace on your skin thanks to its unique violet glass jar that protects it from light. Wake up refreshed by the uplifting scent of Eucalyptus Oil that gently soothes your spirit and instantly fills you