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Beldi Soap with Lavender

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Beldi Soap with Lavender

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Our Beldi Soap collection is inspired by the pampering traditional treatments performed at Moroccan hammam baths, this luxurious soap turns bathing into a spa-like ritual. The Olive soap deeply cleanses and exfoliates your face and body, leaving your skin feeling softer and suppler from head to toe when you rinse it away. Its tempting and sensual natural Rose fragrance stays with you long after you step out of the shower or tub. 

Why we love it

This decadent soap is balanced for all skin types and can be used for cleansing both your face and body skin.
Scented with lavender for additional therapeutic properties
Draws impurities out of your pores to diminish the risk of acne breakouts.
Softens and hydrates while it deeply cleanses, so your skin feels softer after use and does not become dehydrated.
Gel-like soap glides on easily.
Defends skin from wrinkle-causing free radicals with Vitamin E naturally present in Olive oil.
Treats you to a romantic floral scent with real Rose Damascena flower oil.
Handcrafted from a simple blend of just three natural ingredients.
Arrives in a reusable, recyclable violet glass jar that protects the soap from breaking down in the light, ensuring freshness.