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Rose Facial Toning Elixir - Realm Concept Market
Rose Facial Toning Elixir - Realm Concept Market

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Rose Facial Toning Elixir

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Rosewater is a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Jam-packed with vitamins like A,C, D, and B6, this flower water has been known to lower inflammation and help clear up blackheads and breakouts.

It's also extremely hydrating for both your skin and your hair. Yep, that's right!

You can use Rosewater for your cuticles, face, body, skin, eyes, and so much more.

It really is a super flower.


How is Rose Water Made?
Made directly from rose flowers which make for a beautifully scented toner with essential health benefits.

Rosewater is not an oil but is essential floral water, also known as a hydrosol, which comes from organically steam-distilling the rose, petals, stem, and all. Some Rose Water has chemicals or alcohol, but we believe in using the pure thing so there are no other additives, let alone chemicals or alcohol. We don’t add any fragrances either because we believe that the real roses are the best thing!

Our toner is 100% alcohol-free, non-oily, glycerin free, and additional fragrance-free (no extra perfume scents added), paraben-free, and vegan friendly!