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Episode 206 featuring Rebecca Rueth from Rebecca Rueth Designs

This episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Rueth founder of Rebecca Rueth Designs. For the past 18 years, her focus has been working as a Surface Designer in the Fashion, Accessory, and Interior Design Industries. Rebecca has a lot to teach creatives about opening themselves up, networking and advocating for themselves, their children and members of their community. Tune in to our podcast, Finding Your Realm, to learn more about Rebecca's amazing journey

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Finding you Realm - Tune in to Episode 201 with Megan Nufer, Founder of Mayven

Finding you Realm - Episode 201 with Megan Nufer, Founder of Mayven. Mayven was founded to allow consumers to easily locate brands which have shared missions.Mayven gives people a place to shop for products which have a positive impact on our society and planet. We also drum up brand awareness for companies/founders that have a hard time securing VC.  To Learn More about Mayven click on the link below: 

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